Many of us visit foreign countries either to study or for work or for tour. Countries such as Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand ask for Assets certificate, objective is to make sure that you can cover your study and living expenses in that country. One of the important documents required while you apply for visa is CA Certificate.

Chartered Accountant Certificate will have details of your all movable and immovable assets such as Bank balance, Investments in insurance/mutual funds/ FD/bonds, Gold, Your properties/land etc. Value of immovable assets is based on the fair market value of assets. The terms being used for Certificate can be net worth certificate from CA or turnover certificate from CA or CA certificate. Tax Vic helps client get CA certificate quick and easy.

CA Certificate for VISA

  • CA Report
  • How to get a net worth certificate
  • Chartered Accountant Certificate for f1 visa
  • Chartered Accountant Certificate format for visa


Q. What Is CA Report or CA Certificate for Visa?

CA report is basically a detail of assets of applicant or his parents in case applicant is a dependent- This is verified by Chartered Accountant that is why it is called a ca report for visa. Several countries are strict about it where in assets are verified to make sure that the visa applicant is able to bear his cost of education or cost of living and is able to get back to the country of origin when the visa period is over.

Q. How Do I Get a Net Worth Certificate?

To get a net worth certificate for visa you can reach out to any Chartered accountant near you. At TaxVic we help you get a net worth certificate from a CA. It can be done online. No need to visit the CA office. We will provide you a legit and valid certificate.

Q. Is CA Certificate Required for F1 Visa?

Yes, a CA certificate is required for f1 visa. Chartered Accountant Certificate for f1 visa can be obtained online with help of Tax Vic.

Q. How does Tax Vic help in getting online net worth ca certificate /turnover certificate from CA/ CA certificate for visa?

Tax Vic has already won hearts of clients to hire CA online for their all tax and compliance matters. At Tax Vic we assess needs of customers and help them get ca certificate for visa or net worth ca certificate online. Our standard practice of great customer care makes us top choice for Hire CA Online.

Q. What is Net worth Certificate?

Net worth basically means value of assets minus the liabilities of any individual or business. A high net worth means good financial condition. Net worth certificate may come into use for applying for any contract or to provide to specific stakeholders or also in process of applying for visa

In context of visa application, it is possible that for certain countries you will be asked for ca certificate for visa or net worth certificate for visa. To get this you will have to hire CA online or reach to CA near you. At Tax Vic you can avail this facility online – secure and fast.

Q. How Is the Chartered Accountant Certificate Format for Visa?

The format will have details of assets liabilities, it should be in letter head of CA, properly stamped and having detail of CA who verify and certify the details.



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