In this article we will give you clarity upon every important aspect of net worth certificate. As an individual or as a business- you might need net worth certificate for several purpose.

Net worth of an individual or a business is the total assets less total liabilities. Net worth certificate is asked to check the financial worth at specific point of time or say specific date. Positive net worth as name signifies means better financial health.

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Net worth certificate is a document that is computed. Calculated and certified usually by a certified Accountant, in India by Chartered Accountant. While preparing the net worth certificate the chartered accountant will consider your all the assets and liabilities of the individual or business.

Net worth Certificate maybe required as a part of an application for several purposes such as  loan application, visa application,  franchisee application tender filing process.

Networth certificate online is possible as there is no need to visit chartered accountant manually for the net worth certificate/ca certificate for visa, for investment to be made in any startups etc. All you need is to give complete details as asked by chartered accountant. Options like ca near me or tax consultant near me can help you find the professional who can give you ca certificate or net worth certificate.


-How to prepare net worth certificate?

Considering the assets such as your bank balances, your investment, property values and liabilities if any, net worth is calculated. Net worth is basically total assets minus total liabilities.

Even if you prepare net worth calculation, your decision maker such as bank , embassy, authorities will ask you for a net worth certificate from CA along with the udin number. Udin number is an unique number that CA will generate and give you-which proves the validity of same.

Why net worth certificate is required

Net worth indicates the financial health of an individual or business therefore tax consultant with data made available will prepare your net worth certificate which is an indication of your financial health.Net worth certificate is required for obtaining loan, for applying visa, for tender application for investment in any startups/project.

-How to get net worth certificate

CA near me options can help you find a chartered accountant who can help you with net worth certificate of ca certificate such as turnover certificate or ca certificate for visa purpose.

Who can issue net worth certificate?

Net worth certificate is issued by a chartered accountant in India or certified accounting professional in any other country. Net worth certificate can be a personal net worth certificate or business net worth.

What is net worth certificate format?

The format of net worth certificate basically has a chartered accountant giving details of assets liabilities and CA certifying that details are correct on examination of record provided by you.

-Is Udin required for net worth certificate?

Yes udin is mandatory for newtworth certificate or any ca certificate like turnover certificate or visa certificate

What is the process of getting net worth certificate?

It is simple. You connect with professional that is through CA near me option or tax consultant near me then once you explain your requirement, you will be able to understand fees, documents needed for same. Everything can be done online for any ca certificate such as net worth certificate or turnover certificate or visa certificate.

How to know If the ca near me options obtained online is genuine online ?

If CA gives you net worth certificate online, you will receive udin number also- you can publicly check the validity of document online by entering that udin number. Also you should speak to the professionals team before making payment online.

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