RoC compliance calendar for Financial Year 2022-23

RoC compliance calendar for Financial Year 2022-23

RoC compliance calendar for Financial Year 2022-23

If you are a company registered in India, you must know what your roc compliance is because not complying with ROC Compliance of Private Limited has huge penalties which are never waived off for any reason. ROC compliance can be annual or event based. This article will help you understand annual compliance for Pvt ltd company.

Annual roc filing: It is compliance for a private limited company that is mandatory irrespective of your size or your turnover. There is no threshold limit to decide roc filing for Pvt ltd companies. This filing needs your company to report your audited balance sheet, profit and loss account, and other information such as shareholder’s details, the director’s report during the particular financial year for which you are filing compliance reports.

ROC Compliance calendar: One biggest mistake owners do is to register a company but not focus on the filing of compliance within due dates. The lack of awareness and miscommunication or lack of communication with their advisors cost them heavily as missing roc compliance of private limited company results in heavy penalties. Keeping the due dates of Roc compliance calendar, therefore, is the best thing to do.

Let’s have a look at the roc compliance calendar for FY 2022-2023 then we will also give you an idea of the documents needed for ROC filing for private limited companies.

ROC filing due dates in FY 2022-2023

Form nameDetails of formDue date
DPT-3Deposits Return30th june 2023
DIR-3-KYCDirector’s KYC30th Sep 2023
AOC-4Financial statement reporting form29th Oct 2023
MGT-7Form Annual return in the specified format provided by roc28th Nov 2023
AOC-4-OPCFinancial statement reporting form27th Sep 2023
MGT-7A-OPCForm Annual return in the specified format provided by roc28th Nov 2023

Notes: There may be a change in dates if notified by the authorities. Tax vic will post updates in the future for such notices

Documents needed for annual compliance for Pvt ltd company

1.    Form AOC 4- Financial Statements filing with ROC


–          Audited Balance sheet, Profit and Loss account

–          Cash flow (if applicable to the company)

–          Statement of change in equity during the relevant FY

–          Auditor’s report

–          Boards report

–          Subsidiary statement if the company has any


2.    Form MGT 7- Annual Return

–          Details of the registered office of the company, principal business activities, particulars of holdings, and associates of the company

–          Share, bonds, debentures, and the pattern of shareholder’s debts, if any

–          Particulars of Directors, Promoters, and key managerial personnel along with changes happening in their structure if any

–          Meeting held among members, along with attendance details

–          Remuneration paid to directors and key managerial personnel

–          Information of penalty imposed earlier on the organization, on the key managerial personnel, directors, or on the appeals made against such penalty if any.

–          Forms of shareholdings and other matters are required in the form.

DPT-3 Form

DPT 3 is an annual return of deposits that companies must file with the registrar of companies to furnish information about deposits and/or outstanding receipts of loans or money other than deposits. The objective to this form is to safeguard the interest of creditors or depositors,

Documents needed to file DPT-3 form

–          Trust deed copy

–          Auditor’s certificate

–          Liquid assets details

–          Copy of charge-creating instrument

–          List of depositors- two lists one for matured deposits and another for cheques issued but not cleared

–          Deposit of insurance contract as specified in the form

DIR-3-KYC Form

– Director’s pan, aadhar, and passport numbers

–          Director’s address

–          Directors contact number and email id

There is a flat 5000 rupees penalty per director for missing the due date even by one day/ no waiver is available as the penalty system is strict in company law. Missing compliance isn’t taken lightly.

For other forms also which are part of annual compliance for Pvt ltd company, missing the due date is a real pain because of the high penalties and finding a consultant for roc annual filing after missing the due date is another challenging task as you will not be at a good position to bargain for a reasonable fee as you won’t have time to do any research since you will be at hurry for fulfilling your compliance for a private limited company.


1.    What is the due date of roc filing for the finical year 2022-23?

September end of 2023 is an important date to remember. Dpt 3 shall be filed by end of June 2023 and the rest forms’ due date falls in September end October end and November end.

2.    Is there any penalty if we miss the due dates of the roc compliance calendar 2022-23?

Yes, that is the whole point. The penalty is heavy and there is no way to reduce or waive it

3.    Are the roc filing due dates for FY 2022-23 extended?

Tax Vic will notify on its social pages should there be any notification by authorities regarding this

4.    Why are there several compliance requirements for roc filing for companies in India?

The objective is to protect the interest of stakeholders. By making the company responsible to report the relevant matters, it ensures the safety of stakeholders.

5.    What is the role of Tax Vic in roc filing of a private limited company?

Tax Vic provides ca cs services online for roc filing of companies. Tax Vic has a team that is approachable directly. We never miss a due date and our work is fast and of great transparency and professionalism. We have a team dedicated to annual roc filing work. If you have any doubts or need an understanding we offer a free consulting service for roc filing. Go to our page tax Vic-complete tax solutions and reach out to us.

6.    In which cities does Tax Vic provides roc filing online services?

Tax Vic is already helping companies with roc filing in Delhi Noida Gurgaon, Roc filing n Bangalore, Roc filing in Jaipur, Roc filing in the northeast, Roc filing in Pune, Roc filing in Mumbai. Roc filing can happen remotely there is no need to visit the service provider physically.

Hope our article was helpful. Tax Vic- Complete tax solution expert CA REETU SRIVASTAV has helped companies from the tech, marketing, health, construction, and retail sector with roc filing. If you have any need for consulting, we can help you reach out to our team of experts for roc filing and other compliance services.